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The name of the Association will be the “South African Association for Professional Piano Tuners”. All references in regards to this Association will be directed to the Association for Professional Piano Tuners.


The Association will function as a Legal Representative. The identity is therefore that of the Association, not being binding on the individual. The assets of the Association are separate to that of its members.


The domicillium citandi et executandi of the Association will be (the address of the Chairman chosen for that given period).


4.1 To set a uniform standard in regards to the quality and price control amongst its members.
4.2 To advise members on the code of conduct for Contractors as well as to liaise with its members via registered correspondence. Rules that are binding on the Contractors as well as to liaise with its members via registered correspondence.
4.3 To implement disciplinary action against its members who fails to comply and detracts from the code for that specific region.
4.4 To maintain the status of the qualified Piano Tuner as well as to build on it in South Africa.
4.5 To make recommendations to clients and its members when contracted positions become available.
4.6 To promote Piano Tuners that are not members of the Association, but well qualified.
4.7 To stand in as Examiners as well as an approved body.


All Piano Tuners that meet the following requirements qualify for membership of the Association
5.1 He must possess an approved qualification in Piano Tuning and Repairs.
5.2 He must be a South African citizen. Neighbouring States Piano Tuners may affiliate as well.
5.3 Payment of membership fees by member will automatically include him as a Member, abiding by the rules and thus enabling the Association to take disciplinary steps against him if need to be.
5.4 A member that forfeits his membership fee will automatically be dismissed. New members as well as a dismissed member will only be accepted if introduced by an existing member of the Association.


6.1 The function of the Association will be jointly administered by all its members. Members may be nominated at annual or special meetings. Positions for members can be created as the need arises, with the knowledge that there will always be a Chairman. The Chairman is elected at the Annual General meeting. A Secretary will also be appointed.
The committee will comprise of the following:

  • Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Additional Members (as required and elected at the AGM).

The following Organization may attend this meeting:

  • The South African National Council for the Blind
  • The South African Blind Workers Association
  • Department of Labour
  • Schools that provide Piano Tuning
  • Department of National Health

6.2 The Chairman must arrange an Annual General Meeting according to the Constitution as well as a Special meeting with a report back to its members. He represents the Association in all aspects and must ensure that all decisions at the Annual as well as Special General Meetings be implemented.


7.1 Annual General Meetings

  • An Annual General Meeting must be held at a Venue previously decided upon at the last general meeting.
  • An Agenda of the meeting is to be sent to its members at least 14 days before the day of the meeting.
  • A financial report is to be approved by the committee, and presented by Chairman pertaining to the previous year’s result.
  • A Chairman as well as any representative of the committee, if required, must be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Fifty percent (50%) plus one of the members will form a Quorum.
  • Decisions of the Annual General Meeting will be put to vote. All members that have paid membership fees will be allowed to cast their votes.

7.2 Special General Meeting
The rules and regulations as laid down at the previous Annual Meeting will apply with the following exclusions:
7.2.1 If the existing Chairman becomes deceased, the Vice-Chairman will stand in as Acting Chairman.
7.2.2 Financial and Minutes of the previous meeting will not be required.
7.2.3 The purpose of an Ordinary meeting will be to discuss matters of general concern from time to time as laid down by the Chairman at an Annual General Meeting.
7.2.4 Committee Meetings must be attended by its representatives.
7.2.5 Minutes of the meeting to be noted by the Secretary.
7.2.6 At least one Committee meeting is to be held per year.


8.1 Membership Fees
Affiliated fees are to be determined as the Annual General Meeting and are to be paid before the Annual General Meeting takes place.
8.2 Financial Year
The Financial Year will start on 1 February and run unto 31 January of the following year.
8.3 Bookkeeping
The institutes Books will be administrated by the Treasurer appointed by the Committee.

  • The Committee firstly exercise disciplinary action. If unsuccessful the action is forwarded to the Association for a decision.
  • If an action is logged against any member, two representatives of the Association must investigate. A written report must be handed over to the Chairman within a week. If the action has merit, travelling expenses may be claimed from the guilty Contractor.
  • If continuous valid complaints are received, the Association has the right to suspend that particular Contractor for a period demanded upon at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Pertaining to the above mentioned, the Committee has the right to cancel the Contractors contract with the Association.

Any changes to this Constitution can only be approved if two thirds majority Representatives are present at the Annual General Meeting and solely if an Agenda was sent out to all its members.

  • The Association may be dissolved at a specially arranged General meeting held for this purpose.
  • At the meeting a Committee will be appointed that will attend to all outstanding matters as well as give feedback on this topic at the next Special General Meeting.
  • At this second meeting the Association will finally be dissolved and all outstanding financial and business matters pertaining to the abovementioned be resolved.

Membership Applications

Who can become a member?

Membership is open to

  1. Qualified piano tuners/technicians
  2. Piano tuners/technicians who are introduced and invited by other members

Why become a member?

As a member of SAAPPT you will

  1. Be able to buy materials at discounted prices
  2. Be introduced to other service providers and dealers
  3. Reap the benefits of cross referencing
  4. Receive free advertising on the internet
  5. Receive free advertising in the yellow pages
  6. Get free leads from a (088) voice link number
  7. Be able to receive and share knowledge from and with other fellow piano tuner/technicians
  8. Be able to take part in workshops with other fellow piano tuner/technicians
  9. Receive a free identification card stating membership to SAAPPT

What does membership cost?

Membership is currently R1000 (one thousand rand) per year.

How can I become a member?

send us an email to get the process started.


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