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Can I use WordPress in commercial Projects?

Yes. The license under which the WordPress software is released is the GPLv2 (or later) from the Free Software Foundation. A copy of the license is included with every copy of WordPress.

What is Slack?

WordPress.org has a chat system via a service called Slack. This organization is free for all WordPress user to join. The #forums channel there is available for anyone to come and post questions about handling questions on the forums.

How do I post code examples?

Posting code in the forums can be tricky. In order for it to be formatted properly, the code must be enclosed in backticks (`). To do this, highlight the code in the editor and click on the “code” button. This feature behaves like blockquotes, and there is no need to mark each individual line.

Why are links not allowed in reviews?

To reduce the overhead of needing to constantly re-check reviews, links and so forth for our volunteers, we made the decision that links should not be used in reviews. If we do notice these, any such link will be removed or the review will be archived, at the discretion of the moderators. If someone repeatedly puts in links in a review, their account will be suspended.