Results of AGM of 2023

On 13 May 2023 the South African Association of Professional Piano Tuners held its Annual General Meeting at the Piano Man’s workshop.
Discussions were held about the importance of the SAAPPT for its members, what it does for its members, and how other technicians can benefit from the association when they join.
The website was also rebuilt in the past year, and social media was also discussed. All members were encouraged to post articles on the facebook page.
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We strive to form a close bond with one another and to inform every customer that it is very important, now more than ever, to draw a line between qualified and unqualified technicians, so that they could get the best care for their instruments.
We also invite other good technicians to join us not only to increase our membership, but also to grow as an organization, and to learn from one another.

We want to stand together to offer the best-quality work tuning, repairing, restoring pianos throughout South Africa and beyond.
We also want to join hands with other international organizations.
There is always something we can learn from other people.

Dewald van Deventer